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Please contribute to our Annual "Helping Eagles Soar" Fundraiser for student scholarships.

The Durham Chapter - NCCU Alumni Association
P.O. Box 20018-C, Durham, NC 27707

Congratulations to our outstanding members of the Durham Chapter - NCCU Alumni Association's "Helping Eagles Soar"
Scholarship Fundraising Committee
for making history in 2021 via their accomplishment of
raising $10,030 for NCCU Student Scholarships!

Helping Eagles Soar Scholarship  Fundraiser (2021)
Thank You for all you do for our "Helping Eagles Soar" Scholarships at NCCU!

Congratulations and many thanks to the NCCUAA Durham Chapter members and the non-chapter donors who contributed to the "Helping Eagles Soar" scholarship fundraiser for Durham Public Schools' students entering NCCU. Also congratulations and thanks to our outstanding scholarship fundraising committee for making history by raising $10,030. The committee members are Frankie Bates, IIene Britt, Lena Dunston, Golda Ellis, Pamela Hester, Eleanor Jamison, Linda Privott, Debna Porter Walters and Grace Wilson.  Many thanks to our fundraiser flyer designer and developer, Tandrea Jones. Our fundraiser raffle winner was Willie J. Terrill.

Thank you for your online NCCU Durham Chapter Alumni Student Scholarship Donation!